Sunday, 6 May 2012


This months issue of SFX has three (count 'em!) THREE articles illustrated by yours truly.
I have a regular spot in the mag called Development Hell written by the legendary Nick Setchfield where I illustrate a film that is in development. This can mean that we don't know who is starring or directing or even what it's about. Sometimes we only have the title as in last month's article which was about a film called Boy Scout versus Zombies.
Anyway, this month was about a sequel to the old movie Twins with Danny de Vito and Arnie. It's to be called Triplets and has Eddie Murphy joining the others as the third triplet. I was also asked to draw famous aliens in the style of a Victorian etching. That was fun! And finally a mock-up poster of a 1920s version of War of the Worlds which was planned but never filmed. So my thanks to SFX for three really fun jobs.

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