Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Jake Spicer's Drawing Circus

The other night I went along to another of Jake Spicer's excellent drawing events.
This time it was in the main hall of The Old Market so there was plenty of room. The event started in the afternoon but I went along to the evening part which ran from 8 to 11. There were 6 model. 5 girls and one guy. They were painted white all over to give a kind of Pierrot effect and their poses were accompanied by an excellent group of musicians playing drifty, ambient music which leant to the relaxed vibe. very enjoyable. Here are my best ones.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Amy,Osami and Marie

One of the problems about doing a lot of life drawing and then posting up the best ones is they take ages to scan and tweak before they are ready for the eager eyeballs of one's adoring public. I've done quite a lot of drawing over the last few weeks to make up for the time's when I'm in Palma which is surprisingly free of drawing classes. So here is a compilation of three sessions with my friend and muses Marie and models Osami and Amy.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I've managed to fit  in an awful lot of life drawing since I got back from Mallorca where classes are as rare as a Mensa member in Magaluf. One of which was a private session with the extremely lovely Naomi Vernon who I've known vaguely for years through The New Venture Theatre group. She'd never posed  for an artist before and seemed to enjoy it so I'm hoping we can repeat the experience soon. Thanks Naomi!

Laura the fabulous Finn

Last week on my return from Mallorca I managed to fit in a couple of drawing sessions with Laura the fabulous Finn. One was a private session at my flat with Alexa Garside and the other was at the regular Tuesday night SCAC class. Laura is terrific to draw as she's very tall (6'3"), looks fabulous and can hold a pose like a statue. On top of that she has a great personality. I confess to being slightly smitten.
Hey ho! Dream on!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rosy, oh, Rosy!

After a couple of weeks in Palma where there seem to be no life drawing classes I returned to Brighton where they are everywhere. Last Monday night, round at Kate Shields' wonderful flat a small group of eager drawers were treated to a modelling session by renowned poet and Russia-o-phile Rosy Carrick.
Here are some of my attempts to capture her loveliness.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Star Trek picture puzzle

One of the magazines I work for on a regular basis - the excellent SFX, likes to give me difficult challenges from time to time and this is the latest. What they wanted was a spread to go in the superb Star Trek special (available now at your local newsagents or on line) showing visual references to as many episode titles from all Star Trek series as I could fit in. From a list of 100 I managed to squeeze in 87. You'd have to be a total Trekkie to get them all methinks. It was a really fun job and the sort of challenge I love. Hope you like it.