Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Last night there was a packed-to-the-rafters SCAC life drawing session where we all attempted to capture the excellent poses of our model Kiara. Talking to Geo Parkin in the pub afterwards we remarked on how much we miss life drawing when we have a respite from it for whatever reason.
It's an addictive, meditative experience and I'd recommend it to anyone whatever your level of drawing expertise. Bill's class is very friendly and he plays great music so don't be shy- come on down!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Last night here in Brighton was my first life drawing session at The Sussex Arts Club for about 3 months. I'd attended a couple of sessions in Palma but I'm not keen on how the Palma session is run. There is no music, no tea break and the same model for months. So it was very pleasant to get back
to Bill's Tuesday night class where he plays a great variety of fab toons, there is a decent tea break (with biccies) and a different model every week. Last night's model was a new one on me- the delightful Clementine, a lovely French girl with a fantastic mop of curly red hair. It's good to be back!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Gods and Goddesses

I went along to another of Jake Spicer's art events at The Old Market in Brighton last night. The theme this time was Hindu Gods and Goddesses and our wonderful models were Frankie, Laura Kate and Felix. The fabulous costumes and colourful sets were definitely an inspiration too and I was slightly miffed that I hadn't brought along any watercolours to do them justice. Anyway, I've tickled them up a bit in Photoshop so judge for yourself. My mate Mark Harrison was in attendance before jetting off to the U.S of A in a couple of weeks to inveigle himself into the American at scene. Go get 'em, Mark. And a welcome to the vibrant Brighton art scene to new girl Jelly who, impressively, makes a living out of art!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Laura the Fabulous Finn

Last night at The Sussex County Arts Club we were treated to a session modelled by Laura the Fabulous Finn who threw some wonderful poses while we all grooved to Bill's excellent (always)
compilation of banging tunes. I hadn't drawn Laura for a while and had forgotten how good she is to draw.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kate Shields

On my birthday, having already celebrated for the previous two nights I went along to the regular Tuesday night session of life drawing at SCAC where our model was the ever fabulous Kate Shields.
It was a hot and clammy night and the assembled stalwarts (including fellow renowned cartoonist and comedy sketch writer Geo Parkin, flamboyant fashion artist Hamza Arcan, fitness instructor and illustrator Alexa Garside, anatomy expert, teacher and animator Jeremy Radvan and lovely new friend and healer Ye Ping Tsim) were wilting a bit but it was a fun session. Here are my best attempts at capturing Kate.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Drawing Circus

My first life drawing session back in Brighton after a 2 month stay in Majorca was down at The Old Market where Jake and the girls put on another intriguing event. The 4 girl models struck a mix of nude and dressed poses with a variety of times from 3 minute poses to Mary's heroic 45 minute standing pose that my fellow cartoonist Geo Parkin manage to do justice to. I was working exclusively on my iPad using the fabulous drawing app Adobe Ideas. Here are my efforts. Pip pip!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Good Old Egon

Just over 2 months ago before I left Blighty for the Med and a life of bibulous bucolicity in Majorca, I attended one of Jake's art events at The Old Market. The theme was Egon Schiele who is probably my favourite artist, certainly my favourite drawer so I went along. The following morning I was in such a flap packing everything I thought I'd need to work out there that I didn't have time to post my best efforts so here they are. It's impossible to do justice to the great man but us mere mortals can but try!