Thursday, 22 March 2012

TOM- The Old Market launch night

On Tuesday night here in sunny Brighton at The Old Market, Jake Spicer hosted a free launch party for a new regular life drawing class to be held there every Wednesday night. The evening ran from 7.30 til 11 with a bevvy of beautiful models (including a man) posing in two rooms for the gathered artists. We could drink and draw as there was a bar and the whole thing had a party atmosphere and was great fun.
At one point in the evening, my fellow cartoonist pal Geo Parkin and I attempted a jam drawing which consisted of a half hour's worth of 5 minute poses by the lovely Laura (longest legs ever) and the fabulous Frankie (longest hair ever) while we swapped places and filled a large piece of paper with our scribblings. (see attached)
It was a great night and I hope the class does well.
Big ups to Jake and all his stunning models. Especially the wonderful Miss Potts who is the one with short dark hair in these sketches.
We are very lucky here in Brighton and Hove to have so many life drawing classes to choose from. I spend a lot of time in Palma de Mallorca where I can't find any and someone was telling me the same is true of Paris, which seems unbelievable.Check out Kate Shields' new class in the Art Residence Hotel. She will also be starting a new class at the Sussex Arts Club where Bill Donahoe runs an excellent Tuesday night class featuring the best background music in town. There's room for everyone as there's an increasing appetite for drawing which, in my 'umble opinion, guv'nor, is therapeutic and almost a spiritual experience. I'm going now before I get too cosmic, man!

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