Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Charity Fashion Show

Last night my friend and neighbour Hamza Arcan and I were invited by fabulous Feryal who was giving massages to draw at a charity fashion event at Madame Geisha, a small bijou night club in Brighton.
The charity was Rise for domestic abuse victims. We were to draw anyone who wanted immortalising and if they liked the drawings they could buy them for a contribution to the charity. We were bunged away in a dark corner at one end of the upstairs bar which wasn't ideal as we could hardly see who we were drawing but once we got going we didn't stop for 4 hours.
We were both drawing in pastels as it's quick.
We had a constant line of victims from the off including all the models for the fashion show who had amazing hair, make-up and costumes and were all gorgeous.
Hamza's style is very flattering and very flamboyant with lots of colour and all the girls were really impressed with how he made them all look like Godesses. Mine leans more towards caricature.
There was mother of one of the models there who wanted to be drawn. She was a bit large so I thought I'd copy Hamza's approach and be flattering. So I did a slimmer more attractive version of her which she hated in comparison with Hamza's drawing which made her look like Ursula Andress in Doctor No.
In my defence I told her, "Hamza draws a fantasy version of the sitter whereas mine is nearer the truth." She said, "THEN LIE!" Some days you just can't win. It was great fun though and Hamza and I made a great team. Now available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs!

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