Monday, 5 March 2012

Jake Spicer's Grimm Tales Drawing Circus!

On Saturday afternoon from 1 til 7.30 the arty-farties of Brighton and Hove gathered in the Sallis Benny Theatre to draw the weird and wonderful extravaganza organised by Jake Spicer and his coterie of fabulous creatures. Jake himself read extracts from Grimm's Fairy Tales while the gorgeously clad and unclad models acted out the scenarios as the eager artists drew them. As the event was a sell-out, there were no extra seats to move around to and it took a little while to get a good view and settle into the proceedings but once under way you were swept along by the flow of the models and the hypnotic live music so that the whole thing became a dreamscape for art. It was all rather wonderful and superbly organised by Jake and his team. I hope he does another one soon. Well done sir!