Sunday, 22 April 2012

Anna and Johanna at the Museum of the Muse

Yesterday afternoon I attended Kate Shields' life drawing event entitled "The Museum of the Muse".
Our two models were partners Johanna and Anna posing in styles reminiscent of the work of Tamara de Lempica whose works was a very Art Deco in style and has a high class decadent look to it which is very difficult to emulate so I didn't try. I have drawn the willowy and elegant Johanna a couple of times before, most notably wielding a full size scythe in Jake Spicer's Grimm's Fairy Tales event and she is an amazing model. Her partner Anna, whom I hadn't drawn before was equally delightful as she reminds me of the young Lee Miller. The room in which the session was held is quite small and I was lucky that there had been a drop out or Kate would have booted me out as I'd not reserved a place and just turned up on spec. It was a fabulous session and I hope some of my drawings reflect that. Thanks to Kate and the lovely models.

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