Sunday, 29 January 2012

Goodbye Tony!

A friend of mine died yesterday. I've know Tony Clews since I was at college. In those days he was a bit of a hell raiser. Then many years later we met again at the Sussex Arts Club life drawing class where we were both regulars. I discovered that in the intervening years he'd mellowed a lot and turned into a lovely, funny and charming guy with an engaging, throaty laugh and a ready wit. He was one of life's true characters and a a very good artist. Particularly his tree studies drawn from life in the countryside around Brighton. A few years back me and a bunch of friends were making a small film to enter a competition on The Culture Show (we didn't win, alas!). The film is a satire on the Richard Burton version of 1984 and I wanted to get Tony's extraodinary face in it. He had a none speaking part as a guard and looked amazing.
If you want to see it you can find it on Youtube under the title-"At Last the 1984 Show!"
Wherever you are Tony, you're going to be greatly missed, mate.


  1. Hi Paul, just read this about Tony. I can't believe we won't see him again. I have only known Tony for 5-6 years and I will indeed miss him. You two go back a long way. I'm glad you have written this.

  2. Hey Paul, was just checking out your pics of Johanna from the other night and saw this. I didn't really know Tony apart from the 1984 business that you mention. His little cameo is one of the highlights of the film! Sorry to hear the news.