Thursday, 7 June 2012

A fan at last!

I very rarely get any feedback from all the comic strips and cartoons that I do for various publications but this response from a reader of SFX magazine makes up for it. Glowing, I think, is the word. Posting this is shameless trumpet blowing but why the hell not?

From the SFX inbox:

Please convey my note of appreciation to your amazing ilustrator of the "Alien Bestiary" (SFX 222, pages 64 and 65), Mr. Paul Cemmick, it was a superb piece of art and one of the most beautiful things I've seen in your magazine, in over 10 years of reading and subscribing it.
Even that nuissance of a character, ALF, was superb!
I imagine the drawings were done in India Ink, but they were so vivid and so detailed, I could almost smell the hydrosulphuric acid dripping out of the Xenomorph from "Alien"...

Well done!

Portalegre, Portugal

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